How to test Growave before you go live?

You can set up and test Growave features before making them available to your customers. Imagine, first, that you'd like to install our widgets into the unpublished theme, learn the logic, and then launch Growave. Let's explore how to set it up πŸ€—

How do themes work and how to manage them?

A theme is a template in Shopify that defines the way your online store looks and feels. Different themes have different styles and layouts and offer different experiences for your customers.

You may add up to 20 themes to your online store. Only one theme can be published at a time. A published theme is the theme that customers see when they visit your online store. Your published theme appears in the Current Theme section of the Themes page, and your unpublished themes appear in the Theme Library section of the Shopify admin panel. Learn more about managing themes in Shopify from these guides.

Loyalty & Rewards

Please note that even though we integrate our apps into an unpublished theme, our Rewards app is active and works on every theme, on the backend.

So if you are not ready to launch your Rewards program yet and don't want your customers to earn points/discounts, you can disable the Rewards app and all its notifications OR just limit the participation of your customers in the Rewards program.

Disable the Rewards program

In case you'd like just to disable the program please go to the Rewards app section. You should disable each of the three Reward programs:

As for Rewards notifications, you may go to their respective section in the admin panel and disable the emails using the toggle next to each email notification:

Limit the Rewards program

Alternatively, you can change the settings of the Rewards app, so that only certain users (for example your team members) will be able to participate in the program while you are testing it. You can set it up from the Rewards program Settings:

1. Add a tag to your accounts in Shopify

2. Add the same tag to the Rewards Setting, and allow to participate only customers with the required tag.

Please note that in case you limit access Rewards widgets will be seen to you only once you log in/create an account.

Set up the Loyalty & Rewards program

You have limited participation in the Rewards program, and now let's set up all the features and then see how the whole process works. πŸ˜‰

Points program

Referral Program

VIP Tiers

Rewards notifications

It is crucial to have adapted email notifications to your brand voice and design. Find all reward notifications in this section.

These guides will be faithful companions in your work with them:

Review Request Emails

We recommend you disable and then edit & set up the Review Request Emails while you're testing Growave since they can be sent out to the users who complete their purchases (this email works on the backend).

  1. To disable the Reviews Request emails, please go to the Review section in the General setting of the Admin panel. Check the box 'Activate New Review Notifications'.

  1. Once you have disabled notifications, you can work and edit them without worries.

❗Don't forget to set up to send a Review request email immediately once the order is marked 'paid' and 'fulfilled', so you can immediately see the results.

But do not turn on the email until you're fully done with the setup of all other features (for the test).

Other features

In case all the points are fulfilled, you may easily test the Growave app.

  1. Wishlist reminders, there is no need to disable them. These notifications are sent out only based on customers' activities in-store and the product updates in Shopify. Learn more
  2. Instagram galleries are integrated into your store and function only with customers' engagement in-store. They work based on which theme you have installed them (only storefront).

Testing Growave features

Here is a short video on how to test the Rewards program and Reviews on the unpublished theme.

1. Before you place a test order, please enable payment test mode in Shopify.

2. As for the Wishlist, it works on the front and there is no need to limit it only to you. Just check the integration of Wishlist icons and buttons, go to the Wishlist page (your domain/pages/wishlist), and test how the Wishlist tab works.

3. Regarding the Instagram gallery, check if the FB and Instagram accounts are connected to our platform and the gallery's storefront appearance on the pages you requested to integrate.

Launching the app on the live theme

Wow! πŸ‘ Once you're ready to move the app to the live theme and launch with Growave, you may have two options to move on:

Please before going live with Growave check the next moments:

  • Your Review Request emails are scheduled correctly based on your shipping period
  • The rewards program's settings are correctly set up based on your business goals and customers' eligibility
  • All emails are adapted to your brand design and voice (Review request emails, Rewards emails, Wishlist reminders)
  1. The first one is to publish the theme you were testing 'Growave' app. For that, you may simply go to the Themes section of Shopify, find a needed theme in the Theme library, and publish it.

  1. The second way is to move the Growave app from the unpublished theme to the active live theme and request integration of our apps to the active theme to reflect the app on the front end.

In the admin dashboard, you may go to General Settings -> Manage app and click on the "Active theme" section, choose a live theme, and click on the "Save" button.

After choosing a live theme please reach out to us for the integration 😊

Once the integration is done you will be notified about it by our team πŸ˜‰.

You may also check the following video for reference:

That's it! Hope we were able to assist you in the matter of using Growave features in the unpublished theme. Feel free to reach out to us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are always here for you.