How to set up a Referral Program

Turn your customers into loyal advocates and let them represent you to new potential buyers. With the Referral program, you can motivate your existing customers to bring their friends to your store. The only program that lets you reward both - is the Referee (Receiver).

How does the Referral Program work? 

The individual who shares, i.e. Sender the referral link can initiate engagement in the Rewards program by registering on your store. Also, the Sender doesn't have to create a link since a unique one is already created in the shop. It can be found on the Rewards tab. Then the Sender may copy this link and share it with a Receiver via a certain social media platform.

Another essential condition for the Receiver is to be a new customer for your shop, which means that they must not have an account or any orders placed in your store.

This is how it looks on the Rewards tab:

The Receiver should follow the referral link, which was sent by the Sender, and Create account by clicking Join now.

Subsequently, the Receiver receives an email where the customer can redeem a reward after registering on the shop. The user does not have to sign up at the store to avail of the discount.

The Sender will receive their Reward once the Receiver makes their first purchase on your store and their order is paid.

NOTE: The Sender is eligible for a reward when the Receiver completes a purchase at the store (regardless of whether the discount was utilized) and satisfies all criteria (first-time purchase on the store, absence of prior account on the store, and successful passage through the reporting filter).

Please make sure the Referral Notifications are enabled. Go to Rewards Settings → Notifications → Referrals → Proceed to activate the following email notifications: 

The activity of users

Here in the Analytics section, you may check the Referral program activity to see how many members there are in the program, the total revenue from the program, and the orders made:

You may see which customers referred their friends and the order details as well.

Rewarding members

For configuring rewards within the Referral program, kindly access this section: Dashboard → Rewards → Referral program.

Sender Option

The Sender will receive the reward via email once the receiver makes a purchase from the store and his order is paid. You can reward the Sender with points or discounts such as a Fixed amount discount, a Percentage discount, Free shipping, or a Free product

Furthermore, you can offer a Gift card or free product, or choose not to provide a reward at all:

You have the option to grant the Sender a reward based on the amount spent by the Receiver of the link within the store, utilizing the "Varies based on the spent amount of the referred customer" incentive approach:

Receiver Option

Individuals who have received a referral link from the Senders referred to as the Receivers, should click on the link to access the store. On the website, a pop-up will appear where they need to click Join Now, and create account, which marks the final step of receiving a discount. 

Following this action, an email containing the discount will be sent to them as configured within the program. 

You have the ability to provide the Receiver with discounts such as a Fixed amount discount, a Percentage discount, or Free shipping.  

Additionally, there exist choices such as a Gift card, a Free product, or the option of not offering any reward.

More options

You have the option to decide whether you'd like to implement the rewards for both the Sender and the Receiver on either All products or Specific collections

This can be done by selecting the "More options" link.

Manage reports

Within the Fraud Detection section, you can monitor users who might attempt to manipulate the Referral program. Any potentially fraudulent behavior will be communicated to the email addresses provided. It's possible to include multiple email addresses for this purpose.

Now we track users and send you notifications and you can find this information in the Reports section:

  • If the order is made by the Sender of the referral link;
  • If the Receiver has the same initials as the Sender;
  • If the Receiver has the same shipping address as the Sender.

NOTE: When you receive notifications about suspicious activity in the Referral Program, you will be able to see which people tried to abuse it and will be given the matter of abuse, e.g., the Кeceiver has the same initials as the sender. 

In these cases, the Receiver of the link does get a discount and can use it on their purchase, Growave only reports to you about such occurrences so you can take action on your end individually and you may decide on your end whether to fulfill this customer's order or not.

However, our app does block the reward for the Sender of the link and you may assign a status as Declined and the Sender will no longer take part in the Referral program. If you set up the status as Approved, we will send an email with the reward to the Sender of the link.


More information about members and their profiles can be found here:

To access customers' profiles and their referred friends, simply click on their name in the Customers section. 

Within their profile, you will find the customer's unique referral code along with a list of referrals, each marked with its respective status.

Referral settings

Within the Rewards segment, specifically under the Referral program, you have the ability to choose sharing preferences (Referral channels) and utilize your custom domain to create Referral links:

You can find more details on how to set up a custom domain here.

Please contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner with any questions or requests regarding the Referral program, we'll be glad to help you 🙏