Rewardable actions

Points program increases engagement with your customers by rewarding them with points for actions. In this guide, we will learn about specific traits of each action and how they can be grouped into different categories. If you want to learn how to create Earning points rules in general, visit this guide.

So what kind of earning rules does Growave have?☺

  • Transactional earning points rules
  • Innate actions to reward
  • Actions related to other Growave apps
  • Social networks related actions

Transactional earning points rules

Transactional actions mean that they are related to orders in the store and aim to increase them by offering different types of incentives to the buyers. The users may purchase and get points for every unit of currency spent, they may buy some product or products from specific collections and spend some amount on the store to get a reward.

These include such actions:

  • Place order,
  • Punch card,
  • Spend X to get Y,
  • Buy a certain product or collection and get X points or reward.

Place order

Encourage members to buy more by giving them points per their spending. Please be mindful that the reward type for this action can only be set up as points. Specify the number of points to give for some amount of spending. For example, you may reward 10 points for every $1 spent etc. You may also specify the minimum purchase amount which means customers will have to reach the minimum purchase amount to receive points for their order. In case the order value is less than a specified amount, the 'Place order' rule won't be considered a completed one.

Excluding Tagged Products from Orders

If a customer buys several products with the excluded product, then we will deduct its cost. The buyer will receive points only for those products that participate in the reward program.

Punch card

Reward members who placed a certain amount of orders in your store. In “number of orders” select the quantity of placed orders and choose the order’s minimum price:

For Punch cards, it’s possible to set only Points as a rewarding type. Choose how many points you want to give to your members in the Points amount field and customize the delay of issuing points if needed.

Excluding Tagged Products from Orders

If the minimum order amount (without excluded products) is suitable for the conditions, then the excluded product will not be considered when checking the total cost of the order. And the points will be given.

The cost of excluded products will be deducted from the order. There is 1 BUT, the tax and delivery of excluded products will be included in the order price, as they relate to the order as a whole.

Spend X to get Y

Decide how much money your customer needs to spend to get a reward, and then give them a cheer when they spend that amount:

NOTE: If your customer spends $100 or more in one order, you can set it up so that they receive, for example, a free gift as a reward. Please note, the spending amounts from different orders don't sum up for this reward.

But if you want to give customers 1 point for every $1 spent, please set up the Place Order rule.

Excluding Tagged Products from Orders

If a product is excluded, it won't be considered in the order.

Buy a certain product or collection and get X points or a reward

This action allows you to encourage your customers to buy promoted products or collections by offering points, discounts, gift cards, or free products. Choose the desired products or collections:

Excluding Tagged Products from Orders

If an admin puts the excluded product into this earning rule, the points will be given anyway.

NOTE: Customers will get one reward for purchasing any of the products from a specified collection. The goal is to encourage customers to purchase a certain product or any product from a certain collection. So once the goal is reached, the customer will receive a reward (one reward).

Innate actions to reward

Innate actions are the ones that the users can complete in any Shopify store such as signing up, subscribing to the newsletter, and birthday if specified. We will list those actions below so you can follow the admin panel and start setting up:

  • Create an account,
  • Reward on Birthday,
  • Subscribe to the newsletter.

Create an account

This rule rewards account creation and when the users have already created one before installing Growave, you may reward them for past actions. The setup is the same as the rest of the rules and you may easily follow this guide.

NOTE: To receive a reward for creating an account, users need to verify their email address from the Rewards tab or a page.

Here is how the notification looks:

Reward on birthday

Give your members a special gift for their birthday. You may set up the rule as the "Create an account" rule. In this guide, you may explore how to get users' birthdays.

If your members change their dates of birth, they will earn birthday points or discounts for the updated date only next year. It will help you to avoid fraud by customers. Also, the customers can add their birth date from their profiles or by clicking on the rule on the Rewards tab. You may find customers with specified birthdates in the 'Customers' section.

There's also an option to multiply points for placing an order on a birthday, i.e. if the regular users get 1 point for every $1 spent, on their birthday, the customer will get 2 points for every $1 spent (or more, depending on the multiplier you set up).

Subscribe to the newsletter

The users can be rewarded for subscribing to the news on the store. This way they can receive notifications from your shop. They can be asked to subscribe upon creating an account from the Register page or mark the subscription later from the Edit profile page where they can add other personal information.

Action completed in Growave

Post a product review

This action allows you to reward a customer for leaving a review for products or the shop. You may choose to reward with additional points if you set up points as the reward type. Also, select how many times an action can be rewarded, and put the delay for reward:

These actions are aimed at increasing your social following and encouraging users to share your shop with their friends on their social networks or via emails. Those actions include:

  • Share to Twitter,
  • Follow on Twitter,
  • Follow on Instagram,
  • Social share,
  • Facebook share,
  • Facebook visit.

Follow on Twitter

Connect your Twitter account to the app so that users can follow it and receive rewards.

NOTE: This action rewards customers for visiting your Twitter page. Growave does not track whether the customer followed your Instagram account.

Follow on Instagram

Simply add your Instagram account so that the users can follow it and get rewards.

NOTE: This action rewards customers for visiting your Instagram page. Growave does not track whether the customer followed your Instagram account.

Social Share

Customize the message of the rule and choose sharing options to reward.

NOTE:  If the status of your old order updates after one of the earning rules has been activated, and this order meets the requirements of one of the earning rules, then in this case, the client will also receive points.

If you feel like adding more actions to reward you may create Custom actions that are available on the Plus and Custom plans.

Hope it was helpful! Please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner, if you have any questions or need help!