How to set up Rewards with Best practices

This article is intended to explain how to set up a Point program for merchants that are considered new in building the Loyalty and Reward program.

How to get customers to sign up for Loyalty & Rewards program?

Before you start setting up the program, indicate whether the program is intended for all customers or specific groups. You can set it up here, and include or exclude users with tags from your Rewards program if needed. Also, indicate if the program is intended for all products or specific ones. You can find it here:

When you exclude or include specific items your customers will only get points or rewards on the items you selected.

NOTE: The setting is not applicable for coupon codes, the coupons can be applied to excluded items though.

When would you like to give out points to your customers?

Probably when the status of the orders is paid, right?

NOTE: It is suggested to choose ‘paid’, just to be sure that points are justified.

If the order is refunded, may I subtract the points back?

Sure thing, you can set it up here and find more details in the following guide.

NOTE: Several or all options can be chosen.

How does the system count when giving out points? By order value?

Be sure that you can adjust order rewarding settings here and learn more in the guide:

If you would like to give points counting the shipping rate and the taxes, do not forget to checkmark the related functions. If you want to give points excluding the discount amount, you can easily select a dedicated function

NOTE: If you enable the exclude coupon discount used feature, the points will be given out like in the example below: “the order costs $100, your customer used a 10% discount and paid only $90. According to the "Place Order" action, you will have to give 100 points ($1=1P), but enabling this option, you will give only 90 points instead of 100 because you've excluded the discount from the order's cost.”

Is there a way to reward customers for actions completed in the past before installing Growave?

Well, lucky you, yes we do have it indeed. You can reward your customers for past actions in your admin panel. The 'Reward For Past Action' works with these actions - Create account, Post a product review, Place order and Subscribe to a newsletter.

This is the detailed instruction on how to reward past actions.

Is there a way to migrate existing Reward data into Growave?

Absolutely yes, it is easy as a pie. Please check the following articles for all needed information:

Earning points and Spending points

The first thing you need to know is that there are 15 earning actions and 5 spending actions.

Earning points are the ways customers can earn points and spending points are the ways a customer can spend their points. In other words, redeem those points for coupons.

As a newbie to the loyalty and reward program, you have to know your goal, e.g.:

#1 Increase sales

#2 Winning new contacts/leads/ increase traffic

#3 Increase customer satisfaction and retention

#4 Increase presence/gain attention and so on.

If you’d like to increase sales, here are the rules that will help you to hit the goal:

Place Order - gives X points for every spent $1 at the checkout. Rewarding customers for their purchase make consumers feel appreciated. For more details please open this guide.

NOTE: If your currency is considered low and you do not want to give a huge amount of points for the amount spent, then let us know we will gladly set it up so that it is less than 1 point, e.g. 0.1 point.

Punch card - gives X points for orders count - if you do not want to give points for every $ spent as in the Place Order rule then Place xx Orders can be suitable for you. Since it allows you to give points depending on order count and minimum purchase amount.

NOTE: If you are concerned about how much order count and order price to put, you have to determine your average order value and average order count per customer.

Spend X to get Y - especially good when you need to sell out particular collections or run campaigns. With this rule, you can encourage your customers to buy more items, and thus boost your sales. The customer must spend X amount of money to get Y number of points or Y discount. Check more details here.

NOTE: You are free to create as many Spend X to get Y rules as you want😜 .

Buy X to get Y- will help you clear space in your store or stimulate your customers for additional purchases. For example, buy a phone and get 100% off on headphones.

NOTE: Customers will get one reward for purchasing any one of the products from a specified collection. The goal of this rule is to encourage customers to purchase a certain product or any product from a certain collection. So once the goal is reached, the customer will receive a reward (one reward).

If your goal is winning new contacts/leads/increasing traffic then you have to check the following earning rules:

NOTE: The multiple social channel options are given in the Social share rule, select the one you would like to share it with. Just check the box next to the social media name.

By completing the mentioned rules customers can get points, discounts, or Gift cards.

By sharing your product or site on social networks the attention of social media users can be attracted and your brand can be kept on top of their minds. Social networks are a critical part of your sales progress.

If you are focused on increasing customer satisfaction and retention then these earning rules may catch your attention:

Create account - This action helps you reward the users with points or discounts for creating an account with you and leaving more information about themselves from the Edit profile page that is created by our app upon installing Growave. You may build a personal approach and better service if you have more data about the customer.

Reward on birthday - Most people like to celebrate their birthdays. If you treat your customers on their special days, it will bring your relationship to a new level. You may reward users with points, discounts, gift card, or free product. The customer can leave birthday details either on the Reward tab, Reward page, or Edit profile page.

NOTE: Be mindful that you have the choice to multiply points for placing an order on a customer’s birthday

Post a product review - the user can get points, a discount, a gift card, or a free product for leaving a review. You can use the review to improve your service and product. The customer will be able to leave a review on a product page, Reviews tab, Reviews page, or review request email.

If you are working on increasing presence/gaining attention these rules must not be ignored:

Having enabled the earning rules above, you may reward your customers for completing those actions with points or discounts, gift cards, or even free products and constantly gain the attention of the majority and remind them about your business professionally.

NOTE: You can choose the rewarding types for all rules except for Place order and Place xx order rules as a discount, gift card, or free product.

Discount has 3 types:

1) Percentage

2) Fixed amount

3) Free shipping

For a Free shipping reward, you can choose geographic location eligibility

Remember if you choose a rewarding type such as a discount or Gift card for your earning rules, customers get coupon codes that can be applied directly at the checkout. If you give them redeemable points, then you are required to create spending points.

Also, if you choose a rewarding type such as a discount or Gift card for your earning rules you can adjust additional settings by pressing “More options”.

NOTE: If the discount code has already been redeemed, will not be disabled even if the spending rule is deleted.

Why do I need to set up spending points?

Spending points are needed for customers to redeem their points that are earned by completing actions (earning points).

There are 5 types of spending points:

1 - Amount Discount

2 - Percentage discount

3 - Free Shipping

4 - Gift Card

5 - Free product

Here is the guide on how to redeem accumulated points for coupons.

Before setting up the spending points you have to determine critical points such as your target audience, geographical location, and customers’ needs, and most importantly we advise you to calculate the profitability of each discount. While setting up the rewards, you have to put yourself in a customer’s shoes try to exceed their expectations offer choices, and try to influence their emotions.

Here are the tips that may be useful:

1) You understand and know your customers more than anyone, you can easily identify their wishes and convert them into a sale. Allow your customers to dive deep into your reward program by giving them a valuable and well-organized reward. Be creative and empathetic when working on it.

2) Make sure that earning points and spending points are balanced, practical, feasible, and do not affect your budget negatively. Do not make your coupon codes easily obtainable, but at the same time, they should not be unreachable.

3) Give an interesting, creative, catchy name to your program.

4) Rename the word ‘points’ according to your brand’s voice. The setting can be found here:

5) Write descriptions for each earning rule, and simplify your customer experience:

NOTE: In order for the customer to see the description, he must click on the title of the rule on the Reward tab.

6) Enable the notification email to inform your customer regarding the points or rewards he earned:

NOTE: Notification emails can be customized here.

7) Use the Reward tab on your site.

See how to hide the Reward tab if needed - select 'Reward' from the top menu bar

8) Add your own instructional or promotional banner on your reward page. If you decide to add the banner please drop me a line at

Once you have configured your earning points and spending points, you have to find a way to promote your reward program to your users and visitors. You may use email campaigns, and social networks, or educate your consumers within your website by creating posts, banners, instructions, and so on.

Hope it was helpful and informative! 🤗 As always, you can contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner if you have any questions or need help.