Best practices on setting up VIP tiers

VIP Tiers program helps you provide a tiered customer engagement and reward users for reaching a tier. Here we are going to learn how you may set up the program.

To begin, access the Dashboard, then navigate to Rewards, followed by VIP tiers, and finally click on Add tier button.

Give out unique names for each Tier

Ensure that the names of your VIP tiers are easily understandable by customers. Beyond naming the tiers, you have the option to include an engaging description and upload a logo.

Select the right milestone

To learn how to benefit from the programs, it's necessary to think about how the customers become eligible for reaching a tier. You may learn more about how to choose the milestone here.

But, let's talk about why it's important to choose certain milestones and how to move on once you have made your choice.

  • If you would like to create a VIP tier program based on the amount spent, the Spent amount milestone can be the right fit for your store. You may encourage spending levels on the store with special gifts for surpassing a certain amount. You may then differentiate which users spend the most on your store and come up with a solution to make them stay with you longer.

  • If you are mostly focusing on the Points program you may decide to choose the Earned Points milestone. It tracks the number of points earned by the users and gives out tiers. The more the users earn points, the more discounts on the store they can access. That's why your VIP tier program's milestone needs to be in line with the Points programs regarding the number of points to reach a tier, for rewarding for a tier and redeeming for discounts.

  • If you would like to increase repeated purchases on the store, you may want to choose the Purchases Made milestone. The more the users purchase, the more they are likely to enroll in your VIP tiers program. Make sure to reward them properly for their actions.

  • If you would like to create a VIP tier based on different tags customers have, you may choose the Customer Tag milestone.

  • If you want to grant VIP tiers to clients based on the number of completed referrals, you can select a Referral Completed milestone. This milestone expands the functionality, allowing you to choose the number of referred friends required to qualify for a tier.

The reward for achieving a tier

You may entice customers to spend more time in the store by offering them free discounts, points, or gift cards for achieving a tier. Also, consider using the Points multiplier to set a different level for each tier. You may learn more about rewarding options here

Add the tag to members when achieving a tier

Activate the checkbox to reveal the input field. Here, you can enter a tag that will be assigned to the customer upon reaching a specific tier:

Select product or customer eligibility for the discount for achieving a tier

You have the flexibility to define the discount usage and which products are eligible, either for All products or Selected collections. Additionally, you can establish a Minimum purchase amount.

That's it! Hope you were able to find something new for yourself. Be sure to let us know at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner if you need further assistance.