How to start using Loyalty and Rewards

The Loyalty and Rewards program motivates your shoppers to engage more meaningfully with your brand. Increase repeat purchases, turn your customers into loyal advocates, and give your best users VIP treatments.

There are 3 programs of rewards that can be activated:

In the admin panel, you can choose which rewards you would like to turn on/off.

Set up Notifications and notify customers whenever they earn points, redeem points, and do other reward-related activities.

Also, the Settings include 2 following sections:


  • Handle rewards based on the financial status of orders
  • Choose how rewards are calculated based on order status
  • Determine which customers and products are eligible to participate in the program

Rewards for Past Actions:

  • Recognize your loyal customers who engaged in rewardable activities long before implementing

the Growave Reward program.

Also, watch the video to see how the Points program works for your customers:

Going Live ✅

That's it! Enable your desired loyalty and reward programs, and you are ready to go!

Feel free to reach out to us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner, if you have any questions, we are always here for you 🤗