Review Features Update: What's New in Growave

Hello, Growavers! Big news: our team is excited to share the newest upgrades to our review app 🎉We've streamlined the process of leaving feedback and making your reviews shine brighter on product pages and shop's site. Moreover, it's now easier than ever to reward your loyal customers for sharing their valuable opinions. Take a look at the article below to discover the functionality of our enhanced review feature and the exciting enhancements we have made!

NOTE: Updates to the reviews feature and storefront enhancements are now available to customers using Growave version V2. The V2 version applies to customers who joined our app after January 22, 2024.

How Review widget look on a product page

On the product page, you can view the reviews left by your customers for this particular product. You can see if it was left by a verified customer, meaning those who have definitely purchased this item. Moreover, you can see the parameters of this product, title, star rating, likes, and any accompanying photos, if available.

When clicking on the photo in the review, this window will open where you can zoom in on the photos and read the review more closely.

To leave a review, simply click on the 'Write a review' button. This will prompt a pop-up window where your customers will need to fill in all the required fields. The 'Add Photos' step is optional and can be skipped if there are no photos to add to the review.

In the same way, customers can leave reviews, they also have the option to ask a question by pressing the "Ask a question" button. This will open a pop-up window for them to submit their questions along with their contact details.

NOTE: If your customer is not registered or doesn't have an account on your shop, they will need to enter their name and email at the end of writing a review or question. If your customers have an account and are already logged in, they won't need to enter their name and email again.

How to sort reviews

You can easily sort reviews according to your preference:

How do reviews appear on the reviews page

Now you can not only view Product reviews and Shop reviews separately on the Reviews page but also choose one of two layouts for how your reviews will be displayed on the page. For example, the Grid layout looks like this:

Here is how the list layout appears. To the right of each review, you will find the date it was posted, along with a "View product" button that will take you to the product page linked to the review.

How to display reviews in different ways

Now, displaying your reviews is easier than ever with multiple widgets that can be easily customized in the Growave admin panel. Go to Reviews app > Settings > Display Reviews

Here is a list of all available Review widgets:

  • Product reviews widget
  • Average rating widget
  • Reviews floating sidebar
  • Reviews slider widget
  • Product reviews mini-slider

Some of them have already been added to your theme, while others can be added by yourself. Simply click on "Add to theme" and you will be redirected to the Customize page of your Shopify admin panel.

Choose a place to locate the Review widget on a product page and don't forget to save changes!

How to add a product to Wishlist

Upon reviewing all the feedback for a product within the Review modal, you now have the ability to conveniently add it to your Wishlist. This feature ensures that your customers do not miss out their desired items.

That's it! If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We are always here to help!