Klaviyo: how to use Growave properties and triggers

The integration between Growave and Klaviyo is truly a game-changer. This seamless connection makes it easy to transfer important data like customer properties and triggers. These insights play a key role in improving workflows, and audience segments, and enhancing email content. By using this valuable data exchange, professionals can boost the effectiveness of their campaigns, build stronger connections with their audience, and achieve amazing results.

Klaviyo customers' properties pulled from Growave

The integration of Growave with Klaviyo allows the transfer of key customer information to the Klaviyo platform. After the customer data is entered into our database, the next step is matching and sending certain fields to Klaviyo:

  • Accepts Marketing
  • BirthDate
  • Locale
  • PointsBalance
  • PointsExpirationDate
  • ReferralLink
  • RewardsProgram
  • RewardsProgramEnrolledDate
  • Shopify Tags
  • TierID
  • TierTitle

NOTE: Updating properties in Growave will update all properties in Klaviyo. For example: if a customer's Points field is changed, all data will be updated. But changes to properties in Klaviyo do not affect the data in Growave.

Each field is responsible for a specific feature. If this feature is enabled, it will also be visible to the customer. For example, if a merchant has only Points enabled, the PointsBalance and RewardsProgram fields will be automatically generated for them. However, the ReferralLink, TierID, and TierTitle fields will not be generated as they are currently disabled.

How to use Growave properties in emails

When creating your email campaigns, you can use the customer properties sent by our app. To do this, open the email you need, start editing the text, and click on the little person icon in the editor:

You will see a general list of properties, among which is our data:

  • BirthDate;
  • PointBalance;
  • ReferralLink;
  • RewardsProgram;
  • TierID;
  • TierTitle.

Also, you can display/hide exclusive content for specific customers based on the value of custom properties.

What triggers pulled from Growave

There are 11 triggers from Growave available to be used in your workflows. These triggers can help you send out emails/SMS to reach your marketing goals

  • GrowaveReviewRequest - trigger an email requesting product reviews from customers after they have made a purchase.
  • GrowaveProductsOnSave - triggers an email when customers save products to their wishlist
  • GrowaveProductsOnSale - activates emails notifying customers when products they saved go on sale
  • GrowaveProductsInStock - sends notifications to customers when products they have saved previously become available again.
  • GrowaveEarnedPoints - informs customers when they have earned points through purchases or other actions
  • GrowaveRedeemReward - triggers emails when customers redeem loyalty rewards or points for discounts or free items
  • GrowaveFriendReceivedReferral - sends notifications when a referred friend makes a purchase, often used for referral program updates
  • GrowavePointsExpiration - notifies customers when their earned loyalty points are about to expire, encouraging them to use them before expiry.
  • GrowaveReachedTier - sends messages congratulating customers when they reach a new loyalty tier
  • GrowaveReferralCompleted - activates notifications when a referral program is completed by a customer
  • GrowaveBirthdayReward - sends special offers to customers on their birthday, encouraging purchases

Examples of flow types

It is crucial to create and configure all 11 workflows as specified. Please ensure to enable the notifications in the Growave admin panel and subsequently set up a corresponding workflow if you wish to send notifications from Klaviyo.

Below is a table with the required data:

Flow Metric Subject Email Template
Request a review for the recently purchased item GrowaveReviewRequest Please review your recent purchases at “Your Shop” Request a review for the recently purchased item
Customer’s loved items are waiting  GrowaveProductsOnSave Your loved items are waiting for you Customer’s loved items are waiting 
Customer’s wishlists are on sale  GrowaveProductsOnSale Something you like is on sale! Customer’s wishlists are on sale
Customer’s loved items are back in stock GrowaveProductsInStock Something you like is back in stock! Customer’s loved items are back in stock
Customer earned points GrowaveEarnedPoints You just earned points! You have earned points!
Available Rewards  GrowaveRedeemReward You just activated a discount You have redeemed a reward
Referral send discount GrowaveFriendReceivedReferral Discount you will love You’ve received a reward
Your points are expiring soon GrowavePointsExpiration Your points are expiring soon Your points are expiring soon
Customer has reached tier GrowaveReachedTier You have reached tier! You have reached the tier!
Referral received discount GrowaveReferralCompleted Thank you for referral! Your friend used your referral!
Birthday Gift GrowaveBirthdayReward Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

NOTE: You can download email templates for Klaviyo here, moreover when integrating with Growave, these templates are automatically transferred to your saved templates in Klaviyo.

To learn more about how to create flows with Growave triggers, please feel free to read here

FAQ on Klaviyo properties:

  1. What happens to the properties if I disable one or more reward programs?

The customer properties will be changed or deleted.

  1. What happens if I manually change a property in Klaviyo? Will this property be changed in Growave?

No, changes in Klaviyo will not affect the customer properties in Growave. But changes in Growave properties will affect changes in Klaviyo. We do not recommend this procedure to avoid data irrelevance. The first update of this field in Growave will restore this client property in Klaviyo.

  1. What happens if I delete an existing property in Klaviyo?

This field will no longer be available in Klaviyo, but the customer will still have it. You will not be able to segment your customer via the deleted property; therefore, we strongly do not recommend it. The first update of this field in Growave will restore this Klaviyo customer property and make it relevant.

  1. I deleted a property of a customer. How can I get it back?

There are several ways to restore this property:

  • The property will be restored as soon as it is updated in the client's Growave
  • It can be restored by reintegrating the Growave with Klaviyo after creating a new API key
  • Or you can contact us if you have any troubles, and we will be glad to help you!
  1. What happens if I add my custom property to Klaviyo?

This process is not dangerous. This property will be stored only inside Klaviyo and can only be used in emails created in Klaviyo.

  1. Will the customer properties be updated if the client performed a reward action when it was turned off?

No, since the customer has not yet received a reward action in Growave itself, the fields associated with that action will not be updated.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us at support@growave.io or by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We are always here to help!