Maximizing marketing with Klaviyo Flows

Why do we need to use flows?

A flow is a sequence of automated actions, which can include email and SMS messages, that is triggered when a person performs a specific action — such as when someone joins a loyalty and reward program, earns points, receives a birthday gift, or adds products to a wishlist. Any data syncing to your Klaviyo account can be used to trigger and target automated flows.

By using flows, businesses can send out messages that are timely and relevant to customers, making the customer experience even better. This proactive method not only helps in getting repeat purchases but also builds a stronger bond between the brand and its customers, leading to long-term success. Now, let's explore in greater detail how to create and utilize flows!

How to create flows in Klaviyo

Using the first flow as an example, here is the creation of a flow for Earned Points.

Step 1. Click on "Create flow", then press on "Create From Scratch".

Step 2. Specify a name for this Flow and click on the "Create Flow" button to save it.

Step 3. Go to "All triggers" and open "Metric".

Step 4. Choose GrowaveEarnedPoints trigger.

Please feel free to explore further information regarding Growave triggers here

Step 5. Click on Save, and then Confirm and Save again.

After seeing how easy it is to set up an email flow using Growave triggers, it's important to note that Klaviyo provides a different approach by allowing flow creation through segment usage. By creating segments, you can leverage customer details offered by Growave. Let's look at a practical example to show you how to create a flow using segments as triggers.

How to create flows using a segment

Step 1. In Klaviyo, you can create segments using custom properties imported from Growave.

For example, we can utilize the 'PointsExpirationDate' property to inform your customers 1 month before their points expire. By leveraging this property, you can proactively engage with customers, reminding them of their expiring points and encouraging them to redeem rewards before they lapse.

NOTE: Check out a detailed guide on how to create segments here

Step 2. Select "Added to segment" as the trigger for your workflow

Step 3. Choose the created segment as your trigger.

Now, you can add an email tab to your flow and edit the content of your emails or utilize ready-made templates from Growave. This feature allows you to tailor your email campaigns to suit your brand and effectively communicate with your audience, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

How to edit email content

Step 1. Drag the email tab below your trigger

Step 2. Click on the 3 dots and select the "Edit" option:

Step 3. In the Subject Line section, write a suitable subject for your email, then select the necessary template by clicking the Drag and Drop button.

Step 4. Select a Growave template from the "Saved Templates" section. After choosing a template, click on Save and Done.

Step 5. Now, it's recommended to turn off the "Smart Sending" function. Click on the icon of the email, turn off the "Smart sending" and save changes.

Step 6. Choose the "Live" status of the flow.

Congratulations on mastering the art of creating flows using Growave triggers, using segments as triggers, and customizing your email content. Growave offers 11 primary triggers to ensure your customers receive important notifications via flows set up in Klaviyo. Let's dive into the various flows you can set up using Growave data with triggers and segments.

Welcome to Loyalty Program Flow

Welcome to the Loyalty program Flow! It's a great way to introduce your new customers to the benefits of your program. By using this flow, you can help customers understand the advantages of being part of your community right from the start. It's a fantastic tool for increasing customer adoption and spreading awareness about your program.

Firstly, please create a segment with the following definition:

Next, you can use this segment as a trigger to send emails to all customers who join a Loyalty and Rewards program

Reward Reminders

For participants in the Growave loyalty program, we offer several triggers that can be used to remind customers of their rewards and create a seamless flow of communication.

  • Customer earned points - flow allows you to keep your customers informed every time they earn points for their purchases

  • To remind your customers about Available Rewards that can be redeemed, you can configure a segment below to use it as a trigger in your flow. For example, if your customers have more than 500 points, you can send them a reminder email about the points available.

  • Your points are expiring soon - the trigger can be utilized in a flow to notify customers if their points are about to expire. In our Growave admin panel, you can set how many days before the expiration date the email reminder should be sent.

Birthday Flow

If you're using the "Celebrate a Birthday" rule, you have the opportunity to set up a flow in Klaviyo. By using this trigger, you can craft a personalized email campaign that sends a heartfelt message to your customer on their birthday. This email can include rewards like points or any other special offers you want to share with them, making their birthday celebrations even more special and nurturing greater customer loyalty.

VIP Tier reminders

For customers enrolled in our loyalty program, there is provided the option to set up a flow that notifies them when they have accumulated enough points to reach a certain tier. This ensures that they stay informed about their progress and encourages them to continue engaging with your brand to unlock exclusive benefits.

Wishlist Reminders

For customers making use of our Wishlist feature, we provide three distinct reminders crafted to ensure that their desired products are always top of mind. These reminders are designed to keep their chosen items within reach, so they never miss out on what they love.

  • Your loved items are waiting! - This flow initiates when visitors to your website save products from your store to their wishlist, ensuring they receive timely reminders about their liked products and don't miss out on them. You can enable second and third wishlist notifications, they all will be sent via one flow in Klaviyo.

  • Your loved items are back in stock! - This flow is designed to notify your customers about products that were previously out of stock and are now available again.

  • Your wishlist items are on sale! - This notification flow ensures your valued customers are promptly informed when the products they've saved are on sale.

Referral program notifications

The referral program enables you to gain new potential customers while rewarding your existing loyal clientele. By sending email notifications, you ensure that both the referred friend and referring customer are duly rewarded for their engagement.

  • Referral Send Discount - This flow enables us to notify customers who have been sent a referral link by their friends, encouraging them to claim a reward that can be used towards their first purchase.

  • Referral Completed - This flow is triggered as soon as your friend, who received a referral email and signed up through the link, makes their first purchase on your store. As a result, the friend who shared the link will receive a reward, and this notification email serves as confirmation.

Review request emails

By utilizing Klaviyo's flow, you can set up review request emails. This allows the customer to share their feedback and comments about their order. Increasing the number of reviews on your site enhances your brand visibility, thereby helping to boost sales. In the Growave admin panel, you can set up three review request emails using just one flow. Each email can be sent within a specified time interval after a purchase is made.

Configuration of 3 different reminders for Review Request and Wishlist OnSave emails.

In Klaviyo, you can customize three different reminders for review requests and wishlist save reminders. By configuring the flow, including the variable remind_round, you ensure timely and personalized reminders for your customers:

For three different reminders, it is suggested to create three separate flows. You can use the same template for all three flows and personalize the content as needed:
  • For 1st reminder remind_round should be equal to = 1
  • For 2nd reminder remind_round should be equal to = 2
  • For 3rd reminder remind_round should be equal to = 3


Therefore, the customer will receive three separate emails, each with distinct subjects and contents:


NOTE: If you don’t want to send 3 emails with different contents, can just keep the old flow or configure one flow that doesn’t check the variable remind_round and sends just one content three times.

That's awesome! If you want to discover more about Klaviyo email and SMS flows, just take a look at this helpful guide. Please feel free to explore other articles on how to make use of Klaviyo effectively:

If something isn't working out or if you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with us at or use the chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We'll be delighted to assist you!