Growave and Omnisend integration

Omnisend is an incredible integrated marketing platform for Shopify stores. It makes marketing so much easier with automated email campaigns, SMS broadcasts, web push notifications, and other helpful tools that contribute to increasing conversions. By utilizing personalized marketing, Omnisend customizes campaigns to perfectly suit customer needs and behaviors. When paired with Growave, a fantastic synergy is formed, combining marketing automation with Growave's features to enhance customer loyalty, generate reviews, and much more. Together, they work hand in hand to boost e-commerce success.

NOTE: Remember to enable all emails you wish to send through Omnisend in our Growave's admin panel.

Activating the Omnisend Integration

First and foremost, you will need to create an API key in Omnisend to activate its integration with Growave. To do so, please go to Omnisend's Store Settings page and select API keys. Click "Create API Key" button.

Create name for API key and Copy the API key.

Go to Growave's admin panel , find Integrations section and Enable Omnisend app. After it, you will need to insert API Key from Omnisend and turn on the needed features (Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards).

That's it! Now that you have integrated Omnisend with Growave, you can start creating automated email campaigns and workflows.

Creating workflows and using Growave templates

Let's start creating a workflow. A workflow is a system for determining the conditions under which your emails will be sent and how they will be delivered. Go to the "Automation" section and press "Create workflow". Choose a pre-built automation workflow or click on "Create from scratch":

For a fully functional workflow, you'll need to complete three steps:

  • select a trigger
  • define audience filters
  • and set up exit conditions

Among the triggers, you can also configure those triggers from Growave.

NOTE: About how to segment your audience or create it from scratch, you can read here

Next step, choose the email template, to do this drag and drop the Email block to the "+" button:

Growave has prepared email templates that will be sent via Omnisend triggered by Growave. Learn about the available templates from Growave and how to import them in this article. Moreover, you can learn how to edit these templates if needed and change the Growave variables here

After configuring all the necessary parameters in the email, you can select an email template by clicking the "Edit content" button:

Click on the Change template link from the drop-down menu:

Proceed to the Saved Templates section and select the appropriate template. Feel free to customize the template to align with your preferences, and then click on Finish Editing.

Don't forget to edit the name of your workflow and click on Start workflow. Additionally, you can create a workflow for each of the remaining notifications using the instructions above and our templates

NOTE: To learn more about all the features and capabilities of working with Omnisend, you can read their help center.

After activating the integration with Omnisend, Growave no longer sends emails. You need to enable all notifications in Growave that you want to send and then set up all these triggers in Omnisend.

For example: When you enable Review Request emails in the Growave admin panel, you specify how many days after the order is paid or fulfilled the email should be sent.

After this, the configured workflow in Omnisend is triggered by the growave-review-request, and then the email is sent to the customer from Omnisend.

Since Growave allows sending second and third review request emails, you only need to enable the second and third emails and configure in the Growave admin panel how many days after they should be sent. In this case, the same workflow as for the first email will be triggered again, and you don't need to set up separate workflows.

Configuration of 3 different reminders for Review Request and Wishlist OnSave emails.

In Omnisend, you can customize three different reminders for review requests and wishlist save reminders. By configuring the flow, including the variable remind_round, you ensure timely and personalized reminders for your customers:

For three different reminders, it is suggested to create three separate workflows. You can use the same template for all three workflows and personalize the content as needed:
  • For 1st reminder remind_round should be equal to = 1
  • For 2nd reminder remind_round should be equal to = 2
  • For 3rd reminder remind_round should be equal to = 3

Therefore, the customer will receive three separate emails, each with distinct subjects and contents:


NOTE: If you don’t want to send 3 emails with different contents, can just keep the old flow or configure one flow that doesn’t check the variable remind_round and sends just one content three times.

Learn more about integrating with Omnisend in our articles:

Save the changes! Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Omnisend. If something doesn't work out or you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We are always here to help!