Maximizing Omnisend with Growave Templates

After enabling the integration, Growave will automatically generate custom events in your Omnisend account. Adjacent to each event name, you'll discover a Download button, allowing you to acquire an HTML template tailored by our team for the corresponding event. Once you've obtained all the templates you plan to use, follow this guide to upload each of them to Omnisend.

Prepare email templates: 

These email templates are designed for new Omnisend users who have downloaded the platform after September 2023.

Event name HTML-file
Review request
Wishlist- products in stock
Wishlist- products on sale
Wishlist- products are waiting
Rewards- birthday reward
Rewards- earned points
Rewards- friend received a referral
Rewards- points expiration
Rewards- reached tier
Rewards- redeem reward
Rewards- referral completed

NOTE: Right before the 'Download' you can see the name of the HTML template files. So, make sure to name the templates in Omnisend using similar names to know which template you should use in each of the workflows you'll build based on Growave custom events.

The email templates below are designed for our existing users who have been using the Omnisend integration before September 2023.

Event name HTML-file
Review request
Wishlist - product in stock
Wishlist - product on sale
Wishlist - products are waiting
Rewards - birthday reward
Rewards - earned points
Rewards - friend received a referral
Rewards - points expiration
Rewards - reached tier
Rewards - redeem reward
Rewards - referral completed

Growave also passes data from the Rewards app (only if the Rewards app is enabled in your Growave account). These custom properties are synced from the Growave Rewards app:

  • BirthDate;
  • PointBalance;
  • ReferralLink;
  • RewardsProgram;
  • TierID;
  • TierTitle.

These properties are synced to Omnisend in real time.

NOTE:Historical data isn't synced. So, if you have collected Rewards data prior to enabling the integration, it won't be passed to Omnisend.

How to import templates into Omnisend?

Go to Omnisend's admin panel in the Store settings section and choose Saved templates

Press the Import template button:

Choose Import HTML, name the template by file's title, choose a suitable file, and upload it:

After that, you will see this template in the Saved Templates. Repeat the following steps (choosing and saving the template) for all the templates.

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That's it! If you have any questions or need help with the Integration of Omnisend, please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner 🤗