Shopify Checkout Extensions

​This guide will provide a walkthrough for installing new checkout extensions on your store. These extensions will enable customers to redeem points for rewards during the checkout process. You will also learn how the extensions work and how to test their functionality.  

We currently offer 3 different checkout extensions:


  • Shopify Plus plan
  • Enterprise, Plus or Custom plans
  • Online store 2.0. theme 
  • The customer should be logged in
  • Rewards program should be enabled 

Step 1: Go to the Shopify Admin panel→click on ‘Online store’ -> 'Themes' section -> and select a theme: 

Step 2: Click on the ‘Customize’ button: 

Step 3: Select the ‘Checkout’ page: 

Step 4: Click on the ‘Add app’ button: 

Step 5: Select an extension that you'd like to add (Points at checkout extension, Potential Points indicator and Features Reviews Slider) and save it. 

The widgets on checkout look like this:

Points at Checkout Extension

This widget is designed to enhance your shopping experience by displaying all available rewards and rewards you can apply to your purchase.

The sequence of rewards will be as follows:

  • Generated Customer Rewards: At the top, you'll see all the generated rewards customers can currently use. Simply select one to apply it to your order instantly.
  • Available Rewards: Below the generated rewards, you'll find a list of rewards that customers can redeem with your available points. If you have enough points for a reward, it will be active and ready for selection.
  • Unavailable Rewards: Finally, the widget shows rewards for which customers do not have enough points. These will appear as inactive, indicating that they are not selectable until customers accumulate more points.

NOTE: Only rewards that are applicable to the order will be applied according to your settings, such as minimum purchase amount, specific collection, etc.

Potential Points Indicator

This widget will display the number of points customers can potentially earn by placing an order. The calculation method depends on the customer's tier, placing an order settings.

NOTE: The Discounts, Shipping fees, Taxes, and other additional charges are not included in the points calculation.

This widget showcases reviews from users who have been highlighted as featured. It can be done in the Growave dashboard.

In order to do it please open the app -> click on the 'Reviews' section -> choose the review -> click on the 'More' button on the right hand -> 'Add to featured':

In the extension on the checkout page you can find the rating, review and author. If the review is from a verified buyer, the text 'Verified buyer' will be added to the review, enhancing its credibility.

This widget provides potential customers with trustworthy and highlighted feedback from other users, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out to us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner.