How to use Gift cards

Gift cards are only available on Growth, Plus, and Custom plans.

A gift card is a special type of product. Its value can be used as payment toward future orders from your online store.

Gift cards are used on the site along with other payment methods like Cash or Credit card. You cannot set the same conditions for a gift card as for regular discounts. For example, a gift card is used when buying above the specified amount. When checking out, several gift cards can be used at a time (if the user has them).

Tip: The cost of gift cards should not be low for the Loyalty program to be profitable for your business.

NOTE: When buying a gift card, we will not issue points for the purchase (a gift card is considered a product for Shopify). When purchasing with a gift card, we will issue points for every dollar spent, as they are considered a full-fledged payment method.

To exclude gift cards from earning points, please go to Settings -> Rewards and enable the 'Exclude Gift cards' option. For example, if you enable this setting, place a $100 order, and apply for a $30 Gift card, then you will earn points for a $70 part.

Let's see how to create a Gift card inside Growave admin panel!

1) Go to the ‘Spending points’ section of the Points app and click on the "Add new" button:

2) Then choose the 'Gift card' option among the listed ones:

3) On the Gift card page you may assign the name of the rule, the points price, and the money value:

That's it! Just activate the rule and save the results.

Gift card as a reward

You may also add a 'Gift Card' as a Rewarding type in the Earning points, VIP tiers, and Referral program.

Earning points

First of all, open the Points section in the admin panel, and choose any action where you'd like to add a 'Gift card' and change the 'Rewards'.

VIP tiers

Please go to the VIP tiers section and click on 'Add new':

Choose a 'Gift card' in the 'Reward members for receiving this tier' and save.

Referral program

Open the Referral program section and go to the 'Reward' option, there you will see 2 options for a Referrer and Referee. Click on 'Edit':

Sender option:

Receiver option:

After the Gift card is created and redeemed, you will receive an automatically sent email from Shopify about receiving a Gift card. Here is what the email looks like:

You can use your Gift card by clicking on "View gift card" and copying the code or continuing the shopping:

Also, you can share this email or just a code with your friends, who will be able to use this Gift card. Btw, you can track the status of the Gift card in the admin panel, in the client's statistics.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner, we are always here to help.