How to get a customer's birthday

In the Points program, users can be rewarded on their birthdays. This can serve as an excellent incentive to boost customer engagement within the store and provide delightful gifts to users on their special day. Please take the opportunity to review the Birthday Gift earning rule and customize it according to your specific requirements:

How can your customers enter their birthday information?

Users have two options to provide their birthday information:

1. Through the Rewards tab > Earn points section > Birthday earning rule :

1.1 You may disable editing birthday further from the rule settings:

NOTE: The Birthday reward is issued to customers on an annual basis. Therefore, if a customer's birthday has already occurred before they entered their date of birth, they will receive a reward only on the following year's birthday. However, if today happens to be a customer's birthday and they input the date today, they will receive the reward right away.

How to find your customers' birthday information?

First of all, you may find the users with birthdays specified in the Customer section of the dashboard.

Navigate to the Customers category → Select the customer and observe the field on the right side. You have the option to include or edit the customer's date of birth.

You have the option to include or modify the customer's date of birth.

Birthday Points Multiplier

In the "Celebrate a birthday" earning rule of a Points section, you have the option to enable a feature called Birthday Points Multiplier. This functionality allows your loyal customers to earn more points on their birthday. Every point they earn on their special day will be multiplied by 2-3 times (depending on the number you specify in the settings). This serves as a delightful bonus for your customers and provides them with an opportunity to earn loyalty points faster.

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