FAQ on the Rewards app

Can loyalty points in the Growave program have decimal numbers?

Yes, loyalty points in the Growave program can have decimal numbers, but they will be limited to two decimal places in the admin panel and settings. For example, if you set in the reward program that a customer will receive 3.5616 points, then in their points balance, only 3.56 will be displayed.

What is the right format for the CSV file to import customer points?

REQUIRED: Customer ID, Email, points
OPTIONAL: first_name, last_name, birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD)
For more information, be sure to visit the detailed guide here.

Are there any statistics for the Reward email notifications?

Currently, there is no mechanism in place to monitor the quantity of emails sent to users through the Rewards and Loyalty programs. Our team is committed to enhancing this aspect in upcoming updates.

Where can I rename points?

In the Rewards Settings section, you have the option to modify the label of Points. 
Head to the Points Status section, where you'll encounter fields allowing you to input the preferred name for the points.

Can a customer use their points to "redeem" for actual products?

Yes, of course. The function to redeem points for a Free product is available on any paid plan of Growave.

Why can't I change the terms in the VIP tiers?

The milestone for reaching a VIP tier can be chosen only once and works for all of them. So if you want to change the milestone later, you have to delete all the existing tiers and create new ones which leads to the loss of customers earned and multiplied points. You may check more here.

Can I exclude/include customers or products from the Rewards and Loyalty programs?

Certainly, you can add or remove customers or products from the Rewards and Loyalty programs using the Rewards settings. This can be done through the Eligibility Configuration section, either for Customer eligibility or Product eligibility, by indicating the relevant tag associated with the customer or product. Make sure to refer to the provided guide for a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Will the client still receive a reward if their order status updates after I have activated one of the rules?

Yes,  if the status of your old order updates after one of the earning rules has been activated, and this order meets the requirements of one of the earning rules, then in this case, the client will also receive points.

Is it possible to reset the rewards of the users?

Yes, if you go to Rewards app → Settings and scroll down, there is an option to reset the Points Program OR VIP Tiers Program, it will reset the rewards program for all periods, including points and discounts.

Can we modify the Rewards widget on the store?

You can rearrange the order of the rules directly within the Earning and Redeem Points section. Please refer to the screenshot for guidance:

If you wish to modify the sequence of the Earning and Redeem Points sections within the Rewards widget, please get in touch with us - support@growave.io and we will be happy to assist you with designing the Rewards widget. 

Can I set up the expiration of points?

To configure the Points expiration date, navigate to the Dashboard, then access the Rewards Settings. From there, proceed to the Points Status section and select the Points expiration option, here is a screenshot for your reference:

If an order is canceled or returned, will the points be automatically deducted once the refund is done in Shopify?

Indeed, if a return or cancellation occurs, the points will be subtracted from the customer's account balance. You can also modify this aspect through the Rewards settings by accessing Reward Management:

Please NOTE that you need to choose the status of the order when the points will be deducted. For more information, check out this guide

Can I assign the VIP tier to the users manually?

Certainly, it's possible to allocate VIP tiers to customers by accessing their profiles in the Admin panel through the Customers section. Locate the specific user and assign a different tier from their profile. 

For more comprehensive instructions, please consult this guide

How to refund redeemed discounts

We all make mistakes and the consequences are irreversible, but not in this case. 

I'm glad to share with you an opportunity to refund the points to the discounts that the users redeemed by mistake. 

For example, a customer has spent points by mistake and redeemed a wrong discount. You can find this customer in the Customers section and view his actions in the profile. Then, go to the Activity -> Points section as shown below and click on the code and 'Refund':

Once you're done, the status of the discount code becomes "Deleted" and points will automatically return. The customer is happy and can redeem another discount. Happy end, isn't it? 

NOTE: In case the customer redeems a certain amount of points to the discount code and then you change the settings, your customer will receive the same points how he/she redeemed initially (e.g. customer redeems 100 points for the discount code and then you change the amount from 100 points to the 500 points in the settings. After the refund, the customer will receive only 100 points back not 500 points).

That's it! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@growave.io or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner, if you face any difficulties. We'll be more than happy to assist you.