Best practices on setting up the Points program

Points program - a program that lets your customers earn points for doing some specific actions on your site and redeem the rewards for these points.

When you install Growave, you get a basic package of three rewardable actions: Create an account, Place Order, and Reward on your birthday.

Create an account

Encourage your customers to sign up for your store by rewarding them for that. You can go to the Earning rules section in Points, open the Create account rule, and set the number of points or a discount you want to give to customers for completing this action. Usually, the amount varies from 100 to 200 points or around 5-10% off discount, but you can set it up according to your reward policy.

Don't forget to add a description so your customers will know what is this action for and how to complete it.

Place Order

Reward customers for their purchases: here you can set up how many points you want to give for every 1$ spent.

You may set up a delay for points or leave this section blank so they will be given immediately.

Also, choose how many times this action can be completed by one customer. This option limits the number of times your customer can receive a reward for a completed activity. (P.S. Leave it unticked if you don't want to set a limitation.)

Reward on birthday

Give a special reward on customers' birthdays: here you can pick the suitable reward type and choose the amount of it.
NOTE: Birthday Reward is given once a year, on the exact day of the customer's birthday.

For example, if a customer entered the date of his birthday (July 10th) and today is July 10th - then, he will receive his Birthday reward immediately. However, if a customer's birthday is on July 5th, but he entered his date today, on July 10th - he will get his Birthday reward only the next year, on July 5th.

Our clients usually reward their customers with 200 points or around a 10-15% discount. But again, you can set it up according to your reward policy.

If you pick Discounts as a rewarding type, you may click the "More options" link to find out additional settings, such as a minimum purchase and discount expiration:

Also, there's an option to multiply points for placing an order on a birthday, i.e. if the regular user gets 1 point for every $1 spent, on his birthday, the customer will get 2 points for every $1 spent (or more, depending on the multiplier you set up).

Add more rewardable actions

Once you've set up these three basic rewardable actions, you can find out and set up more available actions here:

In this article, you may learn more about each of the rewardable actions. For redeeming collected points, you may turn to this useful guide on creating various discounts in exchange for points.

Hope it was helpful! If this inspires any questions - feel free to reach out to us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner.