About the Points program

Reward your customers for all types of valuable engagement

Increase engagement with your community by rewarding customers with convertible points for actions like leaving reviews, social follows, placing orders, and 18 more. All actions are designed to drive high-value purchasing behaviors.

What are the Points?

It's a program that lets your customers earn points for doing some specific actions on your site and redeem the rewards for these points. There are 3 sections in Points.

In the Earning points, you will find actions, in which customers earn points. Some of them are set up by default and new ones can be edited and added there as well:

In the Redeem points, you can look at the rewards that customers buy for points or redeem points for these rewards in other words. The new ones can be created right from there:

In the Boost Campaign section, you can set up a time-limited campaign that allows your customers to earn more points by placing orders:

Watch the video to see how the Points program works for your customers:

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