Creating Earning points rules to reward for various actions

Turn your visitors into active buyers by offering them points for completing certain actions on your site.

You can choose which exact actions to enable. The active ones are listed in the Earning section: Dashboard > Rewards > Points.

The rest of the actions can be found and added to the active ones from Earning points.

If you feel like adding more actions to reward you may create Custom action that are available on the Premium and Custom plans.

Let's take the Share to Twitter action as an example:

Just like the Share to Twitter, all the other actions can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • choose any name for the action and add a description
  • choose the rewarding type: points, discounts, gift cards, or free product
  • define the Rewards delay in days
  • define the status of the earning rule (active or disabled)

1. Points as a rewarding type

If you would like to choose Points as a rewarding type, you may specify the number of points:

Once the users receive points, make sure you create discounts to exchange for points in this guide.

2. Discounts as a rewarding type

If you choose Discounts as a rewarding type, you'll see these 3 options:

1. Percentage discount works as a usual discount. Just the specified percentage is off from the customers' total order's cost for doing the earning action.

2. Fixed amount discount goes as a dollar off. You can put any amount you wish and the customer will get this "money" for doing the earning action.

3. As for the Free shipping, the customer will get the discount code that can be used at the checkout page. You can find more details in this guide.

Each discount has More options settings that allow:

  • Requiring a minimum purchase;
  • Applying to the entire order, selected products, or collections;
  • Setting customer eligibility to everyone or selected groups of customers;
  • Reward delay, which means that after completing an action reward is issued after that indicated period of time in days

As for Free shipping discounts, you may set up a minimum purchase amount, excluding shipping rates, apply to shipping to certain countries, and specify reward delay:

Once the users receive their discounts for completing some actions, they can find their code in the Reward tab or the notification email and apply it to the order on the Checkout page.

3. Gift cards as a rewarding type

If you would like to choose Gift cards as a Rewarding type be sure to check out this guide for more details. By the way, customers see these earning actions in the tab:

4. Free product as a rewarding type

You may also choose a 'Free product' as a rewarding type.

For more details on other existing actions to reward feel free to visit this guide.

That's it! Hope it was clear and interesting 🤗 If not, please contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner and we'll gladly help you with your requests and questions that you may have.