Managing reviews

If you go to the admin panel of the Reviews app, there is a ‘Manage reviews’ section, where you can edit, verify, future, or unpublish reviews for your products/services.



If you have received a good review with some typos inside and you to change the text a little you can modify all the reviews by clicking on the edit icon.
You can:
  • change the text,
  • add or remove rating stars,
  • mark a customer as a "Verified Buyer",
  • add photos,
  • change the date,
  • assign a review for another product or to the site;
  • reply to the review.
1. First of all, go to the Reviews app, find a needed review, and click on the edit icon

  1. Then, you may choose how to edit the review

NOTE: Please be kindly informed that customers cannot respond to your reply.


You might be wondering if the reviews of the products are marked as verified after the completed purchases. The answer is yes, they are automatically marked as such in the reviews widgets on the product pages or Reviews page.
And, if the reviews be marked as verified manually? Sure, you may do it from the admin panel. Let's jump into more details below.
1. First, go to the Reviews app, choose the review you need, and click on the edit icon. 

2. Then, click on the "Verified" check box:

3. That's it, the review has a verified mark now:


In a Reviews app, you may mark certain reviews as "Featured" so that they will appear first in the product reviews widgets, review sliders, and Reviews pages.
1. First, you may go to the Reviews app and find a review that you would like to mark. Click on More → Add to Featured.

You may choose certain reviews to highlight them among other reviews. Since the reviews are featured, they will ignore the usual sorting on the widgets and appear first.


Moreover, in a Reviews app, you can hide reviews from your website page.
To progress with that, you may go to the Reviews app and find a needed review:

Then click on the "Published" button to alter a button status to the "Unpublished" one.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to reach us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner if you have any questions, we are always here for you.