Exporting Reviews and Q&A

For many e-commerce users, product reviews and Q&A sections are essential for making informed purchasing decisions and ensuring satisfaction with their chosen products. If you're contemplating exporting your reviews and Q&A data from Growave, this article is crafted to assist you through the process seamlessly. Follow our detailed instructions for a smooth transition, ensuring that you retain access to valuable customer feedback and insights.

Step 1. Go to Shopify Admin → Apps → Choose Growave app → Import/Export → Reviews 

Step 2. Select export type, Reviews, or Questions&Answers

Step 3. Choose an email address where exported data will be sent, then press “Export”.

You will be provided with a CSV file with all existing review data.

The exported Reviews CSV file has the following fields:

customer_name customer name
customer_email email address of a customer
product_id id of a product in Shopify
product_handle product name in a special format
body main text or content of a reviews
rating score from 0-5, where 5 represents the most positive product review
created_at date and time when the customer created the review
title short, bolded title summarizing the customer's experience
reply optional response to the review
images links to images associated with a review 
published status of the review published or unpublished

The exported CSV file for Q&A has the following fields:

customer_email email address of a customer
questions text or content of a question
product_id id of a product in Shopify
product_handle product name in a special format
date date when the question was created
replier_email email address of someone who replied to question
reply response to a question
replied_at date and time when the question was answered
status status of question published or unpublished

That's all! Please, feel free to reach out to us at support@growave.io or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner, if you have any questions.