How to add a Rewards widget "How many points you will earn"

This widget works only on the Growave V1 storefront version for now. for more info please get in touch with the team.

The points price widget is intended to show customers how many points they can earn by purchasing a product. This feature is for the Place Order rule in the Points program.

The widget is displayed only for logged-in users and looks something like this:

Legacy Theme: 

To add it to your product page, please open the product-template.liquid file, and find the tag h1:

then insert the following code after the </h1> line:

{% if product.available %}

<div class="ssw-html-widget ssw-reward-place-order" data-module="Reward" data-name="PlaceOrder" data-product_id="{{}}"></div>
 {% endif %}

Online Store 2.0. Theme

Open Shopify Admin → Select a theme → Click on ‘Customize’: 

Select a ‘Default product’ page: 

Click on ‘Add block’:

Select ‘Earn Points Widget’ and save changes: 

Once it's done, please ensure that both the Place Order rule and the Points program are enabled.

How to make a widget available for not logged-in users?

Online Store 2.0. themes 

Click on the ‘Earn Points Widget’ from the Customize section of ‘Shopify’ and set the Widget visibility as shown below in the screenshot: 

Legacy themes

Please contact our theme at and we will proceed with the setting

If a customer has a tier and points get multiplied, the widget will consider it when showing the number of points for an item. However, please note that the widget does not consider settings such as including taxes, etc., and only works with the Place Order rule.

That's it! If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner, we are always here to help.