Branding Wishlist version V2

NOTE: Updated storefronts are now available to customers using Growave version V2. The V2 version applies to customers who joined our app after January 22, 2024. Regarding the wishlist branding of an old storefront, please refer to the information available here.

For the new Growave version V2 users, we are pleased to introduce updates in Wishlist branding! The branding functionality assists in improving user experience by allowing customization of the wishlist interface to align with your brand's style. Learn how to effectively and promptly customize your Wishlist app in the admin panel of Growave, specifically in the Branding section.

Main Theme

In this section, two main colors can be selected to serve as the Primary and Secondary colors for Wishlist elements on the storefront: button, tab, and page. For instance:
  • Primary Color: #1d2939
  • Secondary Color: #00baee

Wishlist Icon

Moreover, within the admin panel, there is an option to customize the color of a heart icon in all widgets, along with its background color.

  • Heart Color - color of heart icons in all widgets
  • Icon Background - Black or White (default: White)

Add to Wishlist button

In this section, you can easily customize the main 'Add to Wishlist' button on the product page, where your customers interact most with it.

  • Color - color of a button, Primary or Secondary (default: Primary)
  • Border Radius - rounding of the button, the more the value, the more round the angles of the button will be (default: 90)
  • Font Color - color of the text, Black or White (default: Black)

  • Style - visual appearance of a button, Outlined or Filled (default: Outlined)
Outlined style
Filled style

Wishlist tab & Page

The Wishlist tab is the floating icon that can be found on the left or right side of the site. You can customize both the tab itself and the page that opens up after clicking on it.

  • Position - position of Wishlist tab, Left or Right (default: Right)
  • Launcher Background - background color of tab, White or Black (default: White)
  • Launcher Font Color - text color, Back or White (default: Black)
  • Launcher Icon Background - background color of heart icon, Primary or Secondary (default: Primary)

  • Button Color - color of "Add a new list" button, Primary or Secondary (default: Primary)
  • Buttons Font Color - color of a text, White or Black (default: White)
  • Button Style - visual appearance of button, Outlined or Filled (default: Outlined)
  • Border Radius - rounding of the button, the more the value, the more round the angles of the button will be (default: 90)
  • Link Color - color of "Save my Wishlist" link, Primary or Secondary (default: Secondary)

That's it! Hope this article helped you customize your Wishlist storefront, if you still have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We are always here to help!