Integration with LayoutHub Page Builder

LayoutHub Page Buildermakes it super easy to design Shopify pages without any coding. And when you integrate it with Growave, you can effortlessly incorporate Growave's amazing features into beautiful layouts. This will take your customer experience to a whole new level and boost your marketing efforts for better engagement and conversions. So go ahead and check out the seamless integration of LayoutHub with Growave for a complete and powerful e-commerce solution!

Let's learn how to activate the integration between Growave and LayoutHub Page Builder 😉.

Step 1: Make sure to have installed both Growave and LayoutHub apps on your Shopify Store

Step 2: Go to the Integrations section of the Growave app, and activate the integration by clicking on the "enable" button

Step 3: Once enabled press the button "Go to dashboard" and open the LayoutHub app

Step 4: On the LayoutHub dashboard go to the "Settings" section and head to “Third-party apps settings”:

For integrating Growave Reviews:

On the "Product reviews" part choose "Growave Product and Photo Reviews" and Save

For integrating Growave Wishlist:

On the "Wishlist Product" section choose "Growave Wishlist" and Save

Voilà, easy right 😊?

NOTE: Once the integration is enabled Growave widgets will be automatically added to your LayoutHub pages. No extra settings are needed.

Contact us without hesitation if you have additional questions.