Integration with PageFly Page Builder

PageFly Page Builder simplifies Shopify store page creation through easy layout customization and content block additions, providing users with a seamless design experience. Integrating PageFly with Growave brings unique benefits, combining visually appealing page design with Growave's features for building customer loyalty, collecting reviews, and fostering a strong brand community. This integration offers an effective way to enhance the store's visual appeal, increase customer engagement, and positively impact sales and brand reputation.

Step 1: After installing and checking Growave element variations, please head to the admin panel of Pagefly. Create a new page or edit the existing one as shown on the screenshot below.

Step 2: Once you access the below page, find the Add third party elements icon and choose Growave among other available apps. Drag-and-drop needed elements into your page.

Step 3: Find the appropriate placement, click Save, and Publish the page.

Currently, Growave element comes in 4 variations on the Pagefly dashboard.

  • Review Widget element can be used only one time on a page. Also, it can be used on all PageFly pages without being inside the Product Details element.
  • Product Average Rating element can be used more than once on a single page. Moreover, it can be used on all PageFly pages without staying inside the Product Details element.
  • Collection Average Rating element must stay inside the Product List element to work properly.
  • Add to Wishlist element must stay in the Product Page and inside a Product Details element.

If you require additional information, feel free to contact Growave support team and we will gladly assist you.