Integrations with shipping apps

Shipping apps optimize the shipping process for online stores, offering features like real-time rates and order tracking. Growave integrates seamlessly with shipping apps such as Parcel Panel, Easyship, and Tracktor Order Tracking. This integration allows timely review requests aligned with specific order statuses, ensuring customers receive feedback prompts at the most relevant points in their post-purchase journey. By leveraging these shipping app integrations, businesses can enhance the customer experience, increase the likelihood of obtaining valuable reviews, and streamline their overall shipping operations.

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Parcel Panel Order Tracking is a web-based order-tracking app. The app helps users get a detailed overview of shipment status. This app helps you save time by providing real-time multifunctional monitoring, a branded tracking page under your jurisdiction, instant email notifications, and a visual description of tracking status.

Tracktor Order Tracking

Tracktor is the shipment monitoring and order tracking app that works for all of the big delivery firms around the world. Customers can get status notifications by entering their email addresses and order numbers into the order tracker.

All orders can be monitored in real-time, and the app also accesses data from carriers worldwide. Customers can monitor their packages whether they have an account or not, as it simply enables them to include their email address and order number, which they may have gotten in their order confirmation email.

Easyship ‑ All-in-one shipping

Easyship is a shipping app that supports tracking orders by sending clients a link to help them check real-time orders. Easyship will automate any shipment. The app offers clients not only a wonderful shipping experience, and the best-value delivery solutions, but it sends emails with your branding to bring clients a fully branded journey from purchase until received.

Currently, these integrations are available on each plan of Growave and can be found in the Integrations section of the admin panel.

Getting started

To start using the integration with one of the shipping apps, you will simply need to enable it from the Admin panel:

Then, indicate the timing when to send the review request: immediately or after a few hours or days, if the order status is not updated.

NOTE: Shipping apps track the location of the parcel and automatically update the order's shipping status once it's delivered.

If you are using a shipping service app - by default, Growave sends the review request after 24 hours once the order status gets updated to "delivered" OR after a certain time, indicated in your settings if the order status wasn't updated after its fulfillment:

The ordinary timing for sending out the review requests

If you do not use any third-party shipping apps, the review requests will be sent out according to your review request settings:

That's all! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding review requests or the integration with shipping apps. We'll be happy to help you 😊