Integration with FirePush app

FirePush is one of the most powerful Web Push and SMS Apps for Shopify stores that is designed to drive traffic and increase your sales. The app offers automated web push notifications for item delivery updates, item price reduction, or availability alerts, i.e. it keeps customers engaged with the store/brand 24/7.

The integration with FirePush can help you speak directly to customers daily. You will attract more customers’ attention and generate more sales by providing them with one-click access to your store. Now you can easily transform automated emails into fully automated push notifications and benefit from it.

Moreover, you will be able to send this new series of web push notifications for review requests via web browsers straight to customers' desktops or mobile even after they have left your site.

How to Get Started

1) Make sure the required platform and app to be installed:
2) From the Growave admin panel, go to Settings and click on Integrations from the drop-down.

3) Find the FirePush app, then click on 'Edit Messages.'

4) In the Fire Push app's admin panel choose which campaign to activate/deactivate and manage its settings:

Done! Push notifications are fully customizable. Choose one or run them all!

Please contact us if you have any further questions or need any assistance 🤗