Import Wishlist data into Growave

If you're thinking of using Growave's Wishlist feature and want to seamlessly transfer your data from another app within the Shopify platform, we've got you covered. Here is a quick guide to importing your data into our app to keep your customers’ wishlists with favorite products, power them with Growave buying triggers, and increase sales.

Import of Wishlist data with a CSV file

Step 1. Prepare a CSV file for import. Download Wishlist CSV template.
Here are the required and optional requirements for the CSV file with customers’ wishlists.

💡Important: Read the full specs for a CSV file

Header Name Description Required✅-Optional💠


Customer's email address

A personal code of a customer (If you have an email of customer, the ID is not required)

Product Product ID or Product handle


Selected variant of the product you want. The unique product variant can be found at the end of the product page URL. It consists of only numbers. 💠
Date The date the product was added to the wishlist (format: YYYY-MM-DD, the default value is present date) 💠

Open this sample CSV file → make a copy of this sheet → edit/add your data → download it in CSV format: 

Step 2. Go to Growave app → Wishlist → Settings → Import/Export Wishlist, choose the prepared CSV file and upload it: 

NOTE: CSV file size should be no more than 10MB

Step 3. Go through the validation process. As soon as a CSV file is uploaded for import, it will be validated for matching data parameters.

Step 4. Start the import. 

Finding Customer ID, Product ID, and Product handle

Product ID

From your Shopify admin, go to Products -> Select the product you want to find the ID for ->

The product_id is the number string at the end of the URL

Product Handle

Go to a live product page on your Shopify store -> The product_handle is everything that comes after "product/" in the product URL.

Customer ID

From your Shopify admin, go to Customers -> Select the customer you want to find the ID for ->

The customer ID is the number string at the end of the URL

If you face any problems with importing Wishlist data then feel free to contact us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner!