How to manually assign/reset VIP Tiers to members

In case you would like to update a customer to a tier manually, Growave can offer such a feature from the "Customers" section in the admin panel.

1. First of all, please go to the Customers section of the Admin panel

2. Click on the user and, in the profile, you may see the Tier status and click on "Edit":

3. You may choose the needed tier and click on the "Update" button:

4. After assigning a tier you may see that the Reward for the tier has been given to the user as well and that the VIP Tier status has been updated.

Please note if the tier is assigned manually, the reward is given only once.

5. In case you would like to remove the Tier, then select "No tier". The "Reset progress and re-enable progression" will reset the progress in terms of tier milestones a customer has fulfilled before removing the tier.

Example: Customer had the milestone of 'Spent amount' which was equal to 1000 $, then all amount spent to date of resetting the tier will not be counted in the future. If you just choose 'No tier' without selecting the checkbox, then all the activities (and money spent) will continue to be counted by our application.

NOTE: As of now, it's only possible to assign tiers manually one by one. If you would like to update the member tiers in a bulk you may change the milestone values to proceed with it automatically (the system will track the eligible users from the backend).

Feel free to contact us at or via chat icon in the bottom-right corner, if you have any questions or requests!