Importing Reviews from Shopify Product Reviews

Welcome to Growave! Discover how to effortlessly migrate your product reviews from Shopify Reviews to Growave. Learn how to import and configure your reviews within our app to enhance their impact on your business. Whether it's adjusting settings or utilizing advanced features, we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's optimize your reviews for even greater success together!

Export reviews from Shopify

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. From the Apps and Sales Channels page, click Product Reviews.
  3. Click Open app.
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click Export.

CSV spreadsheet file downloads in your browser.

Product reviews CSV file

Exported product reviews are formatted into a CSV spreadsheet file. The following table describes the headers of the spreadsheet and the types of information that belong in each column:

Header name Product review information
product_handle This is the tail end of your product's URL. For example, if your product is displayed on your online store at, then the product_handle   is blue-t-shirt.
state The status of the review, such as approved or published.
rating A score from 0-5, where 5 represents the most positive product review.
title A short, bolded title summarizing the customer's experience. For example, "Awesome!"
author The first and last name connected to the customer account that submitted the review.
email The customer's email address.
location The customer's address, such as their city and country.
body A longer description of the customer's experience. They can elaborate on what they liked or did not like about your product.
reply An optional response to the review.
created_at The date and time when the customer created the product review.
replied_at The date and time when the reply was created

NOTE: If you're using an Online Store 2.0 theme, then the Product Reviews app saves rating data in Product Rating and Product Rating Count standard metafields. This means that your rating data is stored as additional data with your product. Because this data is stored in standard metafields, it might be compatible with other apps. Other apps can also contribute to your product rating data by writing to these metafields.

Import reviews to Growave

After installing the Growave app, seamlessly managing your reviews is a breeze. Easily import your reviews using a preformatted CSV file. Detailed instructions on how to complete this process are provided below.

Step 1. Go to admin panel of Growave -> Choose Import/Export section -> Select import type Reviews

Step 2. Upload a CSV file

Step 3. Select import type

Step 4. Go through the validation process.  

As soon as a CSV  file is uploaded for import,  it will be validated for the following parameters  (data matching).

Here are the required and optional parameters for Review import:

Header name Review information


Customer ID

Personal code of a customer (if you have a customer's email,

customer ID is not needed)


Email Customer's email

Title Title of a review


Body Content (text) of review


Product ID, product handle, or product URL 

(if not set then the review belongs to your site review)

Rating Numerical rating from 1-5


Name of a person who left a review

(if none “Anonymous will be used”)



date when a review was left (format: 

YYYY-MM-DD default value is Now)


Images links to images associated with a review 


date when reviews were replied to (format: 

YYYY-MM-DD default value is Now)


body (text content) of a reply


NOTE: links to images associated with a review (maximum: 5 pics per review with 5 links  separated  by comma, 10 MB for all pics, ex: 'http://image-url/image1.jpg', 'http://image-url/image1.jpg', 'http://image-url/image1.jpg%27')

When exporting a CSV product review file from Shopify for import into Growave, you'll find it contains different parameters than we require. To simplify this process, we recommend removing unnecessary columns with excess data before importing the file into Growave. This approach not only makes the file more compact but also simplifies the import process, making it more efficient and convenient for use in Growave.

NOTE: The file is first checked for errors (validation). The admin then sees the results of this check, indicating which records are good and which are problematic. The admin can then decide to either upload a new file or proceed with the valid records. Once the import is complete, a report is generated about the records that didn't make it through. This report can be downloaded from the admin panel.

Step 5. Finish the import.

Finding Customer ID, Product ID, and Product handle

Product ID

From your Shopify admin, go to Products -> Select the product you want to find the ID for ->

The product_id is the number string at the end of the URL.

Product Handle

Go to a live product page on your Shopify store -> The product_handle is everything that comes after "product/" in the product URL.

Customer ID

From your Shopify admin, go to Customers -> Select the customer you want to find the ID for ->

The customer ID is the number string at the end of the URL

If you encounter any questions or difficulties with importing the file into Growave, we're always here to help. Just contact us at or use the chat icon in the bottom-right corner, and we'll assist you promptly.