Integration with Allcolibri

Allcolibri introduces a unique loyalty program that sets it apart by allowing users to redeem accumulated points for charitable causes such as tree planting, providing books for children, and environmental initiatives. This small yet impactful feature caters to the preferences of our generation and younger demographics, who statistically show a greater inclination to spend loyalty points on socially responsible actions. This integration can help you in rewarding your customers with what matters, build a unique customer experience everyone will remember, and improve loyalty and conversion rates, making Allcolibri a standout platform for businesses looking to align with their customers' values.

NOTE: Currently works on stores with 1000 rewards/month.

Step 1: Create an Allcolibri account or log in if you already have one, here is the link -

Step 2: Enable the app from the Growave Admin -> Settings -> Integrations:

Step 3: To enter the API key, first get it from the Allcolibri side:

Step 4: Enter an API key in Growave Admin -> Settings -> Integrations -> Allcolibri -> Settings:

Then set the rules in Allcolibri. Specify a point price for each micro impact (e.g. planting a tree costs 5 micro impacts, then if you set the point price as 10, your client should spend 50 points to plant the tree).

Step 5: Go to the Allcolibri Admin and click on 'Create impact':

Step 6: Select a 'shared impact' as this rule is designed for more than one person: 

Step 7: Select a cause: 

Step 8: Set how many people can use this activity: 

Step 9: Select the number of micro impacts:

Step 10: Click on the 'Create Impact Campaign': 

The setting is completed:

Step 6: Set the Spending rule in the Growave Admin, and choose Impact as a free product

When you finish setting the rules you can see the action in the Rewards pop-up or page with which you can redeem the points for charity such as planting a tree.

  • Click on 'Redeem':

  • Confirm an action:

  • Done:

NOTE: our API is called once a day with all actions to activate per merchant. Since 1 API call per action may generate a lot of unnecessary digital pollution. Therefore each impact page will be updated one time during the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us 😊