Legacy theme: How to display a Review Slider and Review Badge

Reviews are the strongest social proof that you can add to your website. Studies show that people are more likely to patronize your business when presented with evidence that others have done it. So let our Reviews feature help you increase sales by earning customers' trust.


In a slider:

Growave's Reviews app allows you to display your product reviews in a beautiful slider. The only condition is that you need to have at least 5 product reviews, with a rating not less than 4 stars.

NOTE: By default, the review slider displays the latest 15 product reviews that are marked as Featured and have ratings not less than 4 stars. The slider will display only one review for each of the products. In case the product has several 5-star reviews, just one will be selected to appear.

To display your reviews in a slider, please go to Shopify Admin panel > Themes > Actions: Edit Code and add the following code to the place where you want to show the reviews slider (i.e. homepage, product page, etc.) : 

. <div class="ssw-html-widget ssw-review-slider-widget" data-module="Recommendation" data-name="ReviewsSlider">
<div class="ssw-page-loading">
<span class="ssw-spin ssw-loader"></span>
</div> .

Please see our example for the homepage, we put the code above the {% verbatim %}{% section 'footer' %}{% endverbatim %}

For the product page - under the description or in a certain place, you may place the Review slider code in this file {% verbatim %}{{ product-template.liquid }}{% endverbatim %}(E.g. under the Review widget)

Alternatively, you may use this file to put the Review slider above the footer

Review Badge

The Review badge is intended to display the total amount of reviews and their average rating. The widget is available on any plan, however, the only condition to add it is to have more than 20 reviews on your shop. It looks like this:

Below is a code for the Review badge:

<div class="ssw-html-widget ssw-reviews-badge-widget" data-module="recommendation" data-name="ReviewsBadge"></div>

The file name and lines depend on where you would like to add the badge. For example, if you want to display it in the footer menu, you need to insert that code somewhere in the footer.liquid file:

And check where the badge appears on site:

P.S. We strongly recommend you contact us at support@growave.io to get a professional installation on your site. We are always here to help!