How to change the language of Earning and Spending rules?

Coming to you with great news! Growave has launched a new feature that allows you to translate the Earning and Spending rules from the Growave Admin. Please keep in mind that this feature requires you to update the wording manually on your end. 

To translate the title and the description, go to Shopify Admin → Growave app → Rewards → Select a rule → Choose a language, and then add or change the wording. 

Step 1. Select a language: 

Step 2. Change the wording of the title and description → Click ‘Save’: 

NOTE: Translations must be added manually. Once the new language is added on the Shopify side, it will also appear in the Growave settings. Please make sure to add the translations in that language, otherwise the default rule's title and description would stay the same. 

Please review the following article about the Growave Multilanguage feature for more details and conditions. 

That's it! If you have any other questions or requests, feel free to reach out to us.