Growave Partner Program FAQ

We are grateful you consider Growave for your client's business! Here is a list of the most popular questions from our partners.

Growave Partner Program:

  1. Who can join our Partner Program? Everyone can be our partner: Shopify Experts, Agencies, Designers, Developers, Bloggers, and anyone who uses Shopify. Register in our Partner Program here and let's start our journey!
  2. What are the benefits I get from partnering with Growave? We prioritize supporting our partners in bringing value to their clients and showcasing their services on our platforms. Here's what we offer:
  • Dedicated Partner Manager - your main point of contact for all things Growave;
  • Detailed guidance through Growave functionality;
  • Partner-friendly app - free for your sandbox environments;
  • Placing you in our Agency Partners Directory;
  • Co-marketing;
  • 20% revenue share for each referral as a thank you.
  1. What are the co-marketing activities we can do with Growave? We love to collaborate with our partners and create joint case studies, podcasts, webinars, and features in our blog. We're always open to your ideas on how we could connect, so feel welcome to reach out at or

Details about Growave:

  1. What is Growave? Growave is an All-in-one app that helps Shopify merchants enhance their marketing strategy with effective tools like loyalty programs, reviews, wishlists, and Instagram & UGC.
  2. How do I learn more about Growave?
  • Growave demo video
  • A video guide on our integration with Klaviyo: 
  • Our API documentation;
  • Our Knowledge Base.

    Besides, we are always glad to arrange a quick call to share more information about Growave, address all of your questions, or just say hi. Feel free to book a call here.

  1. Does Growave maintain an international trademark? Please note that the brand name "Growave" is our asset and using our branded keyword in ad bidding is forbidden for third-party companies, We have yet to establish our trademark in several countries, however, we track such activities. We consider them a violation of our Partnership agreement and will have to suspend your Partner account.

How to refer a merchant:

  1. How do I refer a merchant to Growave? In case you'd like to double-check how Growave features can help you fulfill your client's needs, we are always glad to examine their marketing strategy together.

Once you are certain about the installation, follow these steps to refer a client to Growave:

  • First of all, ensure you are logged into your client's Shopify admin panel;
  • On your partner dashboard, you should see your referral link;
  • Through this link, you will be redirected to Growave App Listing on Shopify App Store;
  • Click on 'Install' and proceed with the installation steps;
  • Choose a suitable Growave subscription plan once you're in the Growave Billing section;
  • Approve the subscription and you're done!
  1. What kind of support are merchants referred by me given? We take certain measures to ensure your clients are in good hands with our team:
  • Priority Support from Growave specialists;
  • Strategy audit and recommendations from our Customer Success team;
  • Growave is a partner-friendly app that is free to test in development stores;
  • If your client is on a paid Shopify plan, we offer them an extended 30-day free trial instead of the default 14-day one.

NOTE: Please use your partner referral link for automatic activation of the extended trial.

  1. Is it possible to tie a merchant to my partner account as a referral after installation?

Using the referral link is significant for the timely and correct calculation of your commission for referred clients. It also helps us a lot to track your clients in the most effective way as well as ensure our proactive support for their setup and success with Growave.

However, if you weren't able to use your referral link, we've got you covered. Reach out to, I'll check the client's store details and add them to your referrals list.

Partner revenue share:

  1. How is the commission rate calculated? Your referral has a 30-day free trial to sign up for a paid plan. Then, you'll earn 20% of each receipt for the first 2 years of this client's time with Growave. For example:
  The “Growth” plan Minus Shopify fee Your revenue share (20%)
Monthly $149/mth $126.65/mth $25.33/mth
Annual (20% off) $119.2/mth $101.32/mth $20.26/mth
  1. How and when do I request a commission payout? We fulfill our transactions via PayPal, so please enter your PayPal email address in the Account Information section of your partner dashboard to receive your revenue share:

Also, we advise our partners to request their payments once their partner balance meets the $100 threshold. Then, kindly email me at for further help.

How to manage your Partner account:

  1. How can I change the appearance of my referral link? We understand the importance of your referral link fitting your agency's brand name. That's why, there's a way for you to adjust the look o your referral link. To do that, please go to the Account Information Section -> Edit Details -> Esit the Referral ID input and save the changes:

  1. I forgot the password for my partner account. How do I go about this? No worries! To reset your password, contact me at for further assistance.