How to create own Line App

NOTE: The social login feature is unavailable on the new storefront, specifically for customers who downloaded our app after January 22nd.

The Social Login product uses Growave Line APP for your online store by default, however, if you want to use your own Line APP with your store name then please follow this guide.

Where to start?

If you already have a business account please log in and move to the next step: Creating a provider
If you're new to this start with the creation of a business account in the Line Developers Console
  • Choose whether you would like to use a Line account or email address
  • Follow sign up link to verify your account:

  • Fill in “Developer information”

Once all is done, you will be directed to the Line Developers Console. Let's start creating a provider!

Creating a provider and channel

Follow the steps that Line Developers gives you:
1) Start by creating a provider:
  • Go to 'Providers' > click on 'Create a new provider'

2) Then create a channel in it, fill in the necessary fields

3) The next moments during channel setup are crucial and you need to follow them 100%:

  • In the 'App types' field choose 'Web app':

  • Once it's done go to the 'Basic Settings' > at the bottom of it find 'Open ID connect' and apply to get permission to collect users' email addresses.

To apply follow these instructions:

i. Agree with the items that are written. Please carefully read it!

ii. submit a screenshot that shows how your app asks for consent and explains what you're using the email addresses for. You can simply take a screenshot of the account page, here:

  • At the dashboard of the provider go to the 'Line Login' tab and add this link to the 'Callback URL':
  • Finally, change the status of the provider right next to its name. Click on the 'Developing' button and publish it. Here is the result of it:

The last step is to copy the Channel ID and Channel Secret from the 'Basic Settings' tab of the provider dashboard and paste them to the Growave 'Social Apps' dashboard:

Don't hesitate to contact our support team if you have questions or experince issues 🤗