How to create own Amazon App

NOTE: The social login feature is unavailable on the new storefront, specifically for customers who downloaded our app after January 22nd.

The Social login product uses our Amazon APP for your online store by default, however, if you want to use your own Amazon APP with your store name & logo then please follow this guide.

1) Login/Create your Amazon Developer account here

2) Go to the dashboard: and choose login with Amazon

3) Create a New Security Profile (Even if you already have a profile, we recommend you to create a new one)

4) Fill out the form and save changes

5) Go to the Settings → Web Settings and fill in the fields: 

Allowed Origins -

Allowed Return URLs - 

Click on ‘Save’:

6) Click on the "Show Client ID and Client Secret" link

7) Copy the Client ID

8) Go to our admin panel here and fill in the Amazon Client ID text field → Save changes

That's it! 🤗 If you need any help, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!