Best practices on using the Referral program

Referral Program is a program that allows you to turn your customers into loyal advocates and let them represent your shop to new potential buyers.

Each of your existing customers already has their own links, which can be shared through social media using social icons or just pasted wherever needed. The link is generated automatically by Growave and will be shown on the Rewards tab.

Rewarding members

To configure rewards for the Referral Program, kindly proceed to the Referral program section by navigating to Dashboard → Rewards → Referral program:

Sender Option

The sender will get the reward by email after a receiver makes a purchase on your shop and his order is successfully paid for.

You have the option to grant Points as a reward to the Sender. The specific number of points awarded is determined by the value of your discounts, allowing you to establish this based on your preferred rewarding strategy.  Alternatively, you can opt for Fixed points, where points are directly given to the Sender:

Alternatively, you can select the “Varies based on the spent amount of the referred customer” alternative, indicating that customers need to make a monetary expenditure to acquire Points.

You also have the choice to reward the Sender with various types of discounts, such as a fixed amount discount, a percentage discount, or free shipping. 

For fixed-amount discounts and free shipping, you can base the value on your product prices and shipping rates. In the case of a percentage discount, it's common for our clients to provide their customers with a discount ranging from 5% to 15% off:

By the way, if you find it necessary, you can establish additional configurations for each type of discount. For example, for Fixed amounts, you may apply them to All products or Specific collections:

You also can designate a Gift card reward for the Sender:

Additionally, you can opt for the "No reward" alternative for the Sender of the Referral link:

Receiver Option

Upon clicking the Referral link, the Receiver will encounter a pop-up prompting them to sign up.

Subsequently, they will receive an email containing two buttons "Activate your account" or "Visit our store"

The discount also can be found in the Rewards tab in the "Activate Rewards" section:

If the 'Apply' option is selected for the Rewards program, then once a receiver receives an email with the discount code, it will be applied automatically after the registration. You may see an example in the screenshot below:

NOTE: The objective of this program is to attract new customers to your store. This is why the Receiver must be an entirely fresh customer who has not made any purchases on your store before.

You can reward the Receiver with discounts like a fixed amount discount, a percentage discount, or free shipping. As for the percentage discount, it would be good to Reward receivers of the Referral link with a 10-20% discount so they'll be highly motivated to make purchases and get familiar with your products. However, once again, you have the flexibility to configure this based on your own rewarding strategy.

Furthermore, you have the alternative to select the "No reward" option for the Receiver of the Referral link. Nonetheless, drawing from our customers' experiences, we recommend providing rewards to receivers as an incentive to encourage purchases in your store.

In addition to it, same as with the discounts for Senders, you can choose if you want to apply the discount to all products, and selected collections (the example below goes for Fixed amount and Percentage discounts):

In this article, you may learn more about our Referral Program in general.

Hope it was helpful! If this inspires any questions - feel free to reach out to us at or by chat icon in the bottom-right corner. We are always here to help!