Admin Editor

The Admin Editor section of Growave helps you get access to the settings of each app on the platform and adjust them as needed. To open the editor, please enter this link in the address bar:

After going through the link, you will need to log in to your store and then will be redirected there and see the old version of the dashboard. This section will be updated to the new design and features in the near future.

Let's review each section of the Admin editor below.


Choose the Wishlist tab to adjust the settings.

Here you may:

  • Amend the colors of the widget;
  • Set a needed button style;
  • Сhange the Wishlist tab position;
  • Regulate button height and width;
  • Choose whether to show the product vendor or not.

Also, if you don't want to show the number beside the heart icons, you can simply disable the Wishlist counters:

And be sure to Save changes to reflect them on the store!

It's possible to find more on the Wishlist design changes here.


Choose the Reviews tab to adjust the settings: click on the Go to Legacy Branding→

Here you may:

  • Change colors;
  • Adjust buttons padding;
  • Change the review widget margin-top.

Don't forget to Save changes!

More information on the Reviews app can be found here.


Choose the Instagram tab to adjust the settings.

In this section, you may:

  • Adjust title paddings;
  • Change title size;
  • Add a zoom effect;
  • Set up Cart Count ID and Cart Total ID (if you don't have coding skills, feel free to reach out to us).

You may find more details about the Instagram app here.

Social Login

Choose the Social Login tab to adjust the settings.

In this section, you may change the height of the login dropdown and choose which menus to show in the Account menu.

You may find more information about Social login features here.


Choose the Rewards tab to adjust the settings.

In this section, you may choose whether to show the Rewards tab on desktop and mobile or not:

And also enables rounding of customers' points, so they won't have decimals in their balances:

Find more design settings of the Rewards app here.

That's it! If you have questions or need any help, feel free to contact us 😊